Preserving Privacy Matters More


Last Updated: April 24, 2020.

At this time, it is our policy NOT to post or offer paid advertising on any of our websites; however, we reserve the right to:

1) place advertisements with agencies and other (unaffiliated) online venues; and

2) offer sponsorships on an ad hoc basis — in limited cases and/or for special events — to help underwrite the costs of providing original content.

In the short term, however, we very much expect — with the support of product sales and affiliate income — we will be able to remain ad-free.

Why is that important?

It means we don’t have to install stealth cookies and intrusive tracking. Nor do we have to resort to gotchas, tricks or gamification techniques in order to capture and retain your eyeballs.

Without sounding too cocky, we sincerely believe our customers return to the Elporia Network on a regular basis because of:

The care, respect and consideration we show them and their concerns. Day in and day out. No exceptions.

The top-rated / excellent value they receive prior to, during, and after they purchase one of our products, and last but not least,

The reliable information and original content we provide (no hiding behind paywalls) for their edification and amusement.


A fledgling network of stores and marketplaces that embody:

  • Wow!
  • What-if . . .
  • Why not?



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