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According to the Free Dictionary, elegance [ ĕl′ĭ-gəns ] is defined as:

1) Refinement, grace, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners.

2) Tasteful opulence in form, decoration, or presentation.

3) Restraint and grace of style.

4) Scientific exactness and precision.


In the context of the Elporia Network, the terms: reseller and reselling refer to the “purchasing or intending to purchase any Product(s) from one of our online shops not for use but for the sole purpose of engaging in and making a profit from the commercial sale of the same Product(s) to a third party.

In other words, a reseller would buy products from one of our outlets, especially if they are on sale or offered at a discount, and then turn around and sell the same product on another platform for a higher price.​



According to the TechTerms, a URL [with each letter pronounced U R L or as a single word:, rhymes with earl]  stands for the term “Uniform Resource Locator.”

1 ) A URL is the unique address of a specific webpage or file on the Internet.

2) Refers to a hyperlink

2) HTTP:// or HTTPS:// is the protocol used for websites. Other protocolos, eg., FTP:// … etc. can be used too.


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