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Last Updated: May 1, 2020.

These disclaimers represent a more nuanced explanation of some of the policies and procedures we use to manage our deliverables and moderate your interactions with the Elporia Network.

Disclaimers are meant as an addendum to, not a replacement for, policy documents that are required reading: if you decide to open an account; place an order; participate in an online forum; and last, but not least, read, listen to, and/or view any of our content.

I Am Not A [fill in the blank]


We are NOT lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, nutritionists, sexologists, or dog catchers and the materials posted on our websites are not to be construed as legal / medical / financial / professional advice.

Instead, we are enthusiastic amateurs who are keen researchers; that do our homework before spouting off; and enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles and figuring out patterns. Plus, we genuinely believe in, and defer to, the power of science and technology to help mitigate some of the problems we are facing, in a world run amuck.

Don’t get us wrong.

We aren’t saying that science and technology hasn’t made its share of mistakes. It has. But if you dig below the surface, you’ll find human error, greed and indifference are partly, if not entirely, to blame too.

Definitely, the main drivers.

What we are saying . . .  science and technology got us into this mess (climate change, resource depletion, unintended consequences, etc.) and like it not, it’s going to help get us out. Or at least, that’s what we are counting on. Otherwise, if we continue to do business as usual with little or no regard to the consequences of our actions then we, as as species, are screwed.

Finally, if in doubt, be sure to:

Consult a board certified or licensed professional before acting on anything you read, hear, or see on a website that is hosted on the Elporia Platform. And if you are unable to do that, then consult alternative (independent) sources, check with family and friends and use common sense so you can better assess the validity of what you are seeing, hearing, and watching on any of our websites.

Adult Only


You need to be aware that:

If you are placing an order or viewing content from a locale where Adult Products and Content are explicitly prohibited or thought to be obscene by law, the Elporia Network will not be held responsible for any actions you take with respect to placing an order and/or reading, listening to, or watching content that is not suitable for minors.

Some products and content offered for sale on the Elporia Network may contain nude images of models (by law, over the age of 21) who are depicted in a sexually explicit manner.

If products and content (including, but not limited to erotic art, sexual materials and controlled substances and paraphernalia, legally obtained) offends you in any way, we ask that you please discontinue your use of those particular websites.

If you do visit or shop at one of our Adult Only websites, you agree to the following:

– I have reached the age of majority (18 years of age or older) and in the area where I reside, it is legal for me to view Adult Only content.

– I will not share or redistribute any material that I come across on an Adult Only website with minors or with persons who are living in areas where this type of material might be considered offensive.

– I will not allow a minor to access an Adult Only website or view products found within it.

– I will not allow myself to be pressured into visiting an Adult Only website owned and operated by Elporia Network, rather, if i choose to access it, I will do so willingly and voluntarily.

– I will not attempt to obtain evidence for the prosecution of Elporia, its Partners, or any of it’s staff or employees for the purposes of entrapment.

Due to the sensitive nature of the products we are selling as Adult Only, please be advised that if you place an order and arrange to have it shipped to another person’s address, they are within their right to request the name of the person who placed the order and we will obligated to provide them with that information; however, we are not obligated to provide any other personal information such as phone number, address or billing information.

As for the rest of our sites, they are can be freely accessed and viewed by anyone without causing alarm, since they may be selling products directed at adults, but those products pose no risk of embarrassment and are considered to be family-friendly.

Affiliate Links


Some of the external links (URLs) provided on the websites hosted on the Elporia platform may be Affiliate links which means we will earn a small commission if you happen to buy any of the goods and services being featured in one of our shops or recommended and endorsed in one of our reviews.

This enables us to scour the web to find goods and services that complement the products-we-sell as a service to our customers. With so much stuff available for sale on the internet, it’s hard to tell the good from the bad. This is where we can offer a type of pre-screening for our customers. And the best part is, you do not or will not pay extra. The price of the commission is absorbed by the Affiliate and is baked into the pricing algorithm, whether you purchase something from us or bypass the link and seek out the product on your own, using a search engine.

These links can be easily differentiated from our regular products due to the fact that if you click on one of them, you will be directed to an external website.

To avoid any confusion or the appearance of misleading information, all Affiliate links listed on any Site associated with the Elporia Network will be clearly marked and labelled in order to distinguish those goods and services from products that are being sold directly by us in one of our online Shops.

Blogs & Podcasts


All the blogs and podcasts that the Elporia Network hosts represent independent points of view that are written and produced by individuals who may or may not be associated in a professional or personal capacity with Elporia and/or one of its Partners.

Any viewpoints or opinions NOT written to be educational and informative, are otherwise meant for amusement and entertainment purposes. Under no circumstances are they ever to be used to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.

The Elporia Network makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information published in a Blog on one of our Sites or found by following any links to external or Third Party sources.

Because we support and believe in freedom of expression and abhor censorship, we will only remove content from one of our Sites in the event there has been an explicit violation of our Terms of Service. However, be advised that our preferred course of action is to get the author to rewrite or remove the offensive remarks themselves, voluntarily.



We love comments and all comments are welcome.

While the Elporia Network is not liable for the content in comments posted by Users (see: Terms of Service), we do recognize that we have a responsibility to deal with them, if and when, they arise. And knowing the internet as we do, problematic comments will be posted. It’s the nature of the beast.

As a consequence, the Elporia Network reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to one or more of our blogs — without prior notice — due to:

– If any comments posted are deemed to be spam or spam-like, they will be removed ASAP. No exceptions allowed.

– If any comments are laced with “gratuitous” profanity, they will be removed. The use of the f-bomb is not going to get our undies in a bunch if it’s use drives home a larger point. The use of profanity for profanity’s sake? Or, shock value. Definitely a no-go.

– If any comments contain language or concepts or references that might be considered “offensive in the eyes of the beholder,” they will be removed or deleted. However, this represents a tough call. For the time being, we will deal with problematic or unsavory content on a case-by-case basis.

– If any comments contain hate speech, credible threats, or direct attacks on individuals or groups, not only will they be removed, but the author of these types of comments will be banished from our Site(s). This is a no-brainer because this type of behavior will never be tolerated on our platform. Ever.


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