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First order of business. Permit us to welcome you to the Elporia Network owned and operated by:

Elporia, Inc. – our head office based in the United States

Elporia, CA – a subsidiary based in Canada

Elporia, GR – a subsidiary based in Europe

hereafter collectively referred to as: “Elporia,”  “we”, “us,” or “our.”

“Elporia and Partners” or “Elporia and its Partners” is an all-encompassing label understood to include, but is not limited to: Elporia and its Affiliates, Suppliers, Vendors, Contractors, Licensors, Service Providers, and (re)Sellers; together with the Elporia Team (Directors, Officers, Supervisors, Employees, Sub-contractors, Virtual Assistants, and whomever we choose to be associated with as Principals and Subordinates).

The use of the following terms:

“the Elporia Network,” “properties,” “website(s)” and/or “site(s)” refer to the Online Venues where products are sold and our content is made available for our Customers and Users to read, listen to, and view;

“you,” “your,” and “yours” refer to any Visitor, Customer, Shopper and/or User of our websites, products, services and applications; and

“content” is a generic term that refers to: merchandise information, product description(s), reviews, comments, messages, communications, feedback, submissions, suggestions, questions, and other information, data and materials (including, but not limited to, webpage modules and structures, images, text, illustrations, formats, logos, hashtags, designs, icons, photographs, software programs, music/video files, written and other materials).

If it’s your first time visiting one of our properties, we trust your experience will prove to be enjoyable, informative and mutually beneficial.

Given the value we provide to our stakeholder community, by going above and beyond what is expected, we’re confident that over time, you’ll become not only a repeat visitor but a loyal customer as well.

Second order of business. You need to be aware that the Elporia Policies, collectively and individually, and in particular, our Terms of Service (“TOS”) represent:

a binding contract between US and YOU that establishes both OUR rights and obligations together with YOUR rights and obligations respectively, in conjunction with, and as it relates to, any of the websites (hereafter Sites), including but not limited to, podcasts, videos, mobile apps, email, merchandise, content, and any related services that we might provide now and in the future.

At the present time, the online properties that are governed by, and subject to, the Elporia Policies are as follows:

• Elporia.net



Please note, this list will be updated as we continue to roll out new websites.

These Sites are owned and operated by Elporia in conjunction with “others” pursuant to contractual arrangements.

Finally, if all of the verbiage and legal jargon causes you to nod off, don’t.

You need to keep reading.

This document governs your use of the Elporia Network.

Even if you never sign up for one of our services or you never purchase a product from us, you are still governed by the Terms and Conditions contained in this document.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make sure you understand all the terms and conditions contained herein and if you disagree, either bring it to our attention so we can address your concerns or STOP accessing our websites; DELETE any accounts you’ve set up on websites belonging to the Elporia Network; UNSUBSCRIBE from services registered with Elporia; and lastly, if applicable, don’t forget to REMOVE bookmarks or cookies associated with Elporia from your browser.


A fledgling network of stores and marketplaces that embody:

  • Wow!
  • What-if . . .
  • Why not?



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