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Last Updated: April 27, 2020.

Since the Elporia Network is in the business of selling products owned by manufacturers and authorized distributors with whom we have a contractual relationship as a reseller, we go to great lengths to ensure that we, together with our Partners, are authorized to use all of the logos and distinctive marks associated with any of the products we are selling, reviewing and recommending.

Similarly, under no circumstances will we, together with our Partners, permit any Employees, Sub-contractors or Third Party Associates to modify, change or dilute a trademark in such a way that it would compromise, confuse or misrepresent the integrity of the mark.

If you are the owner of a trademark that is being used in conjunction with one of the products we are selling and you are concerned that your intellectual property is being misused or misrepresented, please contact us immediately so we can:

1) launch an investigation,

2) rectify any misunderstanding(s), and if applicable,

3) remove materials-in-dispute from our platform.


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